Virginia Oculofacial Surgeons

Dr. Jeffrey Zuravleff and Dr. Dimitrios Sismanis are oculoplastic, orbital and reconstructive plastic surgeons based in Richmond with consultative offices in Fredericksburg. With board-certified eye surgeons, and fellowship trained in facial plastic surgery, the practice specializes in the diagnosis and management of medical problems which affect the face and eyes such as facial nerve paralysis / Bell's palsy, facial and orbital bone fractures, thyroid eye disease and lacrimal (tearing disorders). In addition, our practice is devoted to cosmetic and functional correction of the forehead, eyebrow, eyelid and cheeks, as well as non-surgical options of Ulthera, skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction. A medical or cosmetic consultation with our staff of doctors and nurses will provide you a personalized assessment and care plan. Whether the issue is aesthetic improvement or post-cancer surgery reconstruction, a congenital defect or a traumatic injury, our goal is the same. To provide you with the best facial appearance and functional outcome.


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